Tip for Single Mothers

You may take my advice facetiously and seriously; If you are a single mother raising a child(ren) with autism, may I suggest you turn your living room into a jungle gym 🙂 , especially you single mothers who are raising boys diagnosed with autism.

All you Single Mothers

To all you single mothers, I know how you feel. I know what it’s like to feel you’re alone, while raising your child(ren) by yourself. I know what you’re going through… Yet, still, regardless… as a mother, you desire the best for your child(ren). Yes. Suddenly, play dates and birthday invitations come to a halt,… Continue reading All you Single Mothers

Public Transportation

I’ve laughed silently to myself while riding the bus. So far, I’ve seen Elvis…, John Lennon…, Willie Nelson…, and today I saw Michael McDonald. Lol. All of them celebrity look-alikes, of course. Seriously! One day, in southern California, I was riding the bus from Hollywood. As it moved closer to the curb and stopped to… Continue reading Public Transportation

G. P.

*Good. Principle. Iris didn’t know what these letters stood for until 2010. And yes, as a child, she grew up in Compton, California. Iris had to move from her apartment and eventually found herself back… at the Compton family house. While staring out the large dining room window and rubbing both his hands together, he… Continue reading G. P.