“Proverbs 31 Woman; A Virtuous Woman

      Virtuous=from the Hebrew, Chayil=a force-of people, wealth and resources (source of strength or ability within one’s self, inner resources; something ready for use and available as needed; to be resourceful); an army, virtue (1. general moral excellence; goodness of character; 2. effective and powerful especially healing power as of a medicine; 3. to do what has to be done as if one really wanted to); valor (great courage or bravery); strength; able and active, band of soldiers, great company; host, might, power, substance, valiant, warlike, worthy.”~By Anne Bellino, of Cottonwood Christian Center’s Real Women The Proverbs 31 Woman… http://cottonwood.org/  https://youtu.be/igCj3jsbcqs