Christmas T-Shirt

OMG!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Muchas gracias Cousin Junior for the Christmas gift of a t-shirt labeled “Brenda Lee,” on the front of it. On the back, a picture of the foot of Christ wearing moccasins, pressed on top of satan.

Hum. Reminds me of a song.

Thank you again Cousin Junior, and thank you for always sending me inspirational and uplifting readings. Love is a verb and a verb shows action.

Hum. Reminds me of another song (duet) titled with the acronym: M.T.W.

Thank you Cousin Junior for always staying in touch with me by snail mail, with an hilarious greeting card saying: “Sending you a Holy Ghost Hug,” or “My spirit needs a Honey Bun!” LOLLOL Not!

I love you Junior. Thank you for demonstrating James 1:22 in my life.

P.S. Thank you Liz and NEPHEW for the jewelry, 20 oz. BPA Free drinking mug, and two “METime” beverage glasses.

P.S.S. And thank you Neighbor Shirley. You are one-of a-kind.

Sea seguro y la paz todo el mundo