Read (Leer)

“Zig Ziglar’s ‘Wheel of Life.’

According to Dave Ramsey, of the Lampo Group, goal number seven is intellectual goals. Feed your intellect: read (leer), read (leer), read (leer), read (leer), read (leer)… The electrons in your brain fire differently when you read… it stimulates thoughts and it stimulates visions and dreams and ambition much more than media does… doesn’t do what reading a book does…. I’ll fill-up a yellow pad with ideas while I’m reading a book… so, keep the yellow pad there… It is very difficult to keep your brain fired up if you never read.”~Dave Ramsey

Thanks Adam from Madison, Wisconsin.—lampo-group/

P.S. And for those of us in the world who are visually impaired, make sure your eye glasses are up-to-date.