DAY 2 (3-Days Left) MESSAGE


Thank you for all your feedback and support from yesterday’s announcement of my upcoming #GivingTuesday [week] t-shirt collection. The reason why I am so passionate about encouraging and supporting families, grandparents-as-parents, guardians, and parent(s) caring for developmental and physically challenged needs children, because I do not want them to feel alone like I did.

I am a single mother of two children born with disabilities. My daughter, Kristell, was born with #SickleCell disease and passed away at age 2. Her favorite word was _____. Kristell was my biggest fan when I sang around the house; She’d say ______________. I always said my baby girl, Kristell was the next #OprahWinfrey. Not to mention the day SHE put fear inside my Louisianan mother. Lol This is why I support #families #caring for #physicallychallenged #specialneedschildren and also <> < >, where families never have to pay for medical bills, housing, nor food. Now you understand why I am PRAISING Jahovah that in just 3 days I will be launching my very first #GivingTuesday [week] t-shirt collection venture, for a limited time called #MissBrendaLeeGertman, that encourages and supports families, grandparents-as-parents, guardians, and parent(s) caring for physically challenged needs children, by letting them know there are people who do care and they are not alone. Just wanted to share with you it will be coming your way. If you all want to get a special discount price when the collection launches, please email me at so I can add you to the waiting list.

If you have sympathy and can empathize with families experiencing childhood cancers, by attempting to put yourself in their shoes, on this #GivingTuesday [week] show them you care. The internal reward you will receive are feelings of #Goodness. The external blessing you will receive is that you’ve helped your fellowman: sister or brother.

Feel free to forward this message to 3-4 people you think will be interested.

Thank you again for all your prayers. God bless you always.