Tip 6 for Single Mothers of Autism Children, Adolescents, Young and Older Adults with Other Developmental Disabilities

Tip 6 to caregivers, grandparents-as-parents, guardians, and single mothers guiding and raising exceptional (special) needs children, adolescents and young adults, take an intricate look at what your children’s unique characteristics and attributes are. Observe what interests them and what they are skilled at doing. For example, are your children good at drawing, coloring, painting, acting, singing, playing an instrument, reading about animals, cars, rocks, etc…

God has bestowed gifts and talents on everyone.

When we learn what our children’s gifts and talents are, it is our job as caregivers, guardians, grandparents-as-parents, and single mothers to make the time to fully develop and cultivate our exceptional (special) needs children, adolescents and young adults gifts and talents.

Being a single mother, I know this can be easier said than done.

Guiding and helping our children with developmental disabilities discover their gifts and talents avoids the cliché “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

Author Miss Brenda Lee Gertman PO Box 4382; Lakewood, California 90711USA

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