Missing you, Mama

What do I miss about my mother you may ask?

One of the attributes I miss about my mother is that no matter how much I beg or offer her money to press my hair if she wasn’t in the mood her response would be an adamant “NO!” And she meant it. Well, at that particular moment. The closer it got to the special event I needed my hair, mama would call me around 9 or 10 o’clock in the late evening.

She would say, “You betta hurry up and get over here (family house) if you want your hair done!”

“But mama?” I tirelessly exclaimed.

“Gurl, you betta hurry up now!” “Before I change my mine” Mama verbally railed on the landline phone.

So, mama and I would be up until the wee hours of 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning hot combing and pressing my hair.

Another characteristic I miss about Mama is her hanging the phone up in my face because we disagreed in our conversation. Mama would call me back as if she hadn’t hung the phone up in my face. Lol

Missing you, mama(R.I.P.).

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. I know life gets challenging carrying the load by yourself, especially if you are a single mother. Please make a way to surround yourself with other families, mothers, and/or single parents. As a result, you will be encouraged.

By Author Miss Brenda Lee Gertman PO Box 4382; Lakewood, California 90711