Tip 8 for Single Mothers of Children, Adolescents, Young and Older Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Summer School…

I’m sure that as single mothers, caregivers, guardians, and grandparents-as-parents you send your children with Autism and developmental disabilities to summer school.

I sent my son with Autism to summer school every year up until he reached his junior year of high school. Only that year was he allowed to skip summer school.

Three months off from school may result in our children with autism and developmental disabilities forgetting all of what they learned throughout the school year. According to Forbes Contributor Nick Morrison, “While some children gain an additional 32% of their in-school gains an additional 32% of their in-school gains over the summer, others lose almost 90% of what they have learned over the year.”

After years of attending summer school, it has benefited my Autistic son greatly today.

Your patience has been much appreciated and I thank you for reading my blog post.

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Written by Author Miss Brenda Lee Gertman PO Box 4382, Lakewood, California 90711

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