September: Prostate Awareness Month

As I entered through glass doors (formerly @radnetimagaing) and walked towards the check-in counter, to my left, there sat a neat picture frame, with a small plastic clear see-through container next to it. The container contained chewy toffee candy wrapped in shiny royal-blue paper. And in the picture frame read the white words on a dark royal-blue background, “Prostate Awareness Month Take A Pin”.

For Prostate Awareness Month, I would like to pay tribute to my Uncle Newt.

That was the only name I ever knew for him (Uncle Newt).

My memory of Uncle Newt is vague. Perhaps I met him once or twice. But I will never forget the encouraging words he gave me. Forever, I will cherish them in my heart. Before Uncle Newt left California to return to Texas, he said to me, “Now gal, you keep up that sang’n [singing].”

I wrote this blog post in memory of my late Uncle Newt.

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