Tip 7 for Single Mothers of Children, Adolescents, and Young and Older Adults with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities 

I never heard of Autism until my son was diagnosed with it.

CORRECTION: I think I have heard of the word Autism perhaps once.

I sought to learn as much as I could about it. The most effective way I learned about Autism was through other parents.

Not to exclude the experts on the topic, but the parents who raised children with Autism provided me, a single mother, with the most practical advice. I call these individuals angels.

At a parent event, one mother suggested I get my son evaluated to rule out (R/O) the possibility of a developmental delay. She said early diagnosis is key.

Tip 7 for single mothers, guiding and raising Autism children is getting an early diagnosis. According to the lady at that event, early diagnosis is imperative because it sets educational benchmarks, while being in the appropriate learning environment.

Thank you all for reading my blog post.

Take care and be safe!

Author Sister Brenda Lee Gertman

P. S. Among our children with developmental disabilities are Hans Christian Andersen, Cher, Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, Bruce Jenner, George Patton, August Rodin, William Butler Yeats, Leonardo da Vinci, Woodrow Wilson, and Walt Disney.

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