DMV: 2023 January 6th

Happy Friday Friends and Neighbors! Click the following link to read an uplifting non-fictional experience. Love you all! DMV: 2023 January 6th via @GertmanLee Hermana Brenda Lee Gertman PO Box 4382; Lakewood, California 90711

Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

#LoveThyNeighborAsThyself #Leviticus19:18 #Matthew22:39 #Mark12:31 #Luke10:27 I would like to thank Neighbor Rodney for the lovely bouquet of flowers. In the basket were violet colored Roses, with pastel-yellow Lilies and white flowers with baby-breath. Shockingly, my… baby brother, Poopie, surprised me with a flower container of dark-burgundy Tulips. When I opened my bedroom door, they were… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

Black History Month 2021

Hola everyone! Closing out this year’s Black History Month acknowledging my former Compton College Professor Dr. Roach, who assigned the reading “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,” published by . Mr. Douglass would have been 203 years old on February 14th. Source: < > Source: < >

DAY 2 (3-Days Left) MESSAGE

Hey FAMILY and FRIENDS, Thank you for all your feedback and support from yesterday’s announcement of my upcoming #GivingTuesday [week] t-shirt collection. The reason why I am so passionate about encouraging and supporting families, grandparents-as-parents, guardians, and parent(s) caring for developmental and physically challenged needs children, because I do not want them to feel alone… Continue reading DAY 2 (3-Days Left) MESSAGE

Song: Farther Along

Click the hyperlink below to read and listen. Thank you for your time invested in reading my blog post. I hope you smile. Miss Brenda Lee Gertman PO Box 4382 LAKEWOOD California 90711 U. S. A. Amazon: iTunes: YouTube: Blog: Twitter: Instagram: Web: Facebook: