Tip 3 for Single Mothers

Being a single mother, I established the rule for my son with Autism that he must wear one head phone over one ear. Several times I called my son’s name, but he didn’t answer. It was due to both music headphones over his ears. For this reason, I established a rule for our home: “Only… Continue reading Tip 3 for Single Mothers

Tip 1 for Single Mothers

For single mothers who are guiding and raising children with developmental disabilities, particularly Autism, may I suggest making your living room into a jungle gym (not literally), especially if you are raising boys diagnosed with Autism.

All you Single Mothers

To all you single mothers, I know how you feel. I know what it’s like to feel you’re alone, while raising your child(ren) by yourself. I know what you’re going through… Yet, still, regardless… as a mother, you desire the best for your child(ren). Yes. Suddenly, play dates and birthday invitations come to a halt,… Continue reading All you Single Mothers

Hope is Alive

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